Philsophical Chairs Topics

Philosophical Chairs Sample Topics:

  1. Tobacco should be illegal for purchase or use.
  2. Most people care enough about the environment to make personal sacrifices to save it.
  3. The United States should not sell arms to any foreign country.
  4. Students should be able to select their own teachers.
  5. Children should never be physically punished.
  6. Unclaimed animals in the pound should be used for medical research.
  7. It was easier to grow up when my parents were kids than it is for me now.
  8. Legalization of drugs would result in less crime.
  9. It is the duty of the United States to send money to foreign countries suffering from poverty and lack of food.
  10. Any censorship of music or art is wrong.
  11. Rock and rap music contributes to rebellious attitudes in some teenagers.
  12. Nuclear arms are necessary.
  13. Every student has the opportunity to succeed our school.
  14. Everyone would be a lot better off without television.
  15. Discussions about religion should be allowed in school.
  16. .Students should be able to ban a teacher if he/she does not teach well.
  17. We shouldbe able to enforce the death penalty for murderers and rapists.
  18. Students should be able to work without parental consent at age 16.
  19. Students should be able to choose which high school they attend.
  20. When a course is taught by more than one teacher, studentsshould be able to choose their teacher.
  21. If a student and teacher have problems getting along, either one should be able to request a change in teachers.
  22. Parents should have to pay a fine when their kids skip school.
  23. Girls should be able to participate in full-contact sports with boys.
  24. Prayer in school should remain illegal.
  25. The right to die should become a fundamental right.
  26. Teachers should be able to make their students stay after class.
  27. People with multiple life sentences should be freed at age 80.
  28. Teaching about religion should be allowed in public schools outside the regular school day.
  29. War is unavoidable.
  30. Everything we do is done mainly for ourselves, and this is true for everyone.
  31. Our nation should have many nuclear weapons.
  32. Men can care for children as well as women.
  33. The voting age should be lowered to 16.
  34. Adopted children should be given information about their natural parents before the age of 18.
  35. Recipients of heart, lung, and liver transplants should be told about the donors of the organs.
  36. Most people on welfare are lazy and don’t really want to work.
  37. Offshore drilling should be discontinued.
  38. Greater penalties should be given to oil companies for oil spills.
  39. Computer crimes should receive stiffer penalties.
  40. All employers should conduct drug testingbefore hiring any employee.
  41. School-age children with AIDS should be permitted to attend public schools.
  42. Some books should be banned.
  43. Schools should have mandatory drug testing for athletes.
  44. Euthanasia (mercy killing) should be legalized.
  45. Schools should have courses on death and dying.
  46. The number of appeals before capital punishment is carried out should be limited to three.
  47. A sentence of capital punishment should be imposed within a one-year time period.
  48. Criminals should not be allowed to plea-bargain to reduce their sentences.
  49. The state government should provide shelter for the homeless.
  50. Refugees from Central and South American countries should be permitted to legally immigrate to the UnitedStates.
  51. The income tax should be abandoned as a source of federaland state revenue.
  52. The graduated income tax (higher for wealthy people) should be replaced by a flat tax for everyone.
  53. All chemicals which cause damage to the ozone layer should be prohibited from use or sale.
  54. Pesticides should be outlawed for all food crops.
  55. Children who went to school in the United States but whose parents are undocumented should be able to applyfor financial aid.
  56. If you have high SAT scores and an “A” average, you should be able to go to any college you choose.
  57. Tax credits should be given for those who choose to use solar energy.
  58. The parents of student-age vandals should be held liable for damages caused by their children.
  59. Teenage vandals should be tried in courts as adults.
  60. Police should arrest and detain runaway teenagers.
  61. .Stricter school dress codes would result in better behavior and academic performance by students in inner-cityschools.
  62. A driver’s license should not be permitted for high school dropouts.
  63. People should wait until the age of 21 to get married.
  64. Drug traffickers in theUnited States should receive capital punishment, as they do in Asian countries.
  65. Chewing gum should be allowed in classes because it gives you energy to study.

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