42 Philosophical girl names

Intelligent, Clever, Genius, Wise And Smart  Philosophical Girl Names and Meanings:

1. Alita:

Alita (Ah-lee-tah) is a common name in Spain. Derived from the latin “elite,” meaning special. A variation of the name is Elita, (EE-lee-tah) or (El-lee-tah). The English meaning is “Winged”. Alternatively the French meaning is “Noble” or “Chosen One”.

2. Ulima:

Ulima is unusual, exotic and means ‘wise.’ This name made it to the top 1000 Social Security List for the first time in 2002. We think it would appeal to parents looking for soft and appealing names.

3. Salvia:

Salvia is another name for the herb sage and is reserved only for females. We think it sounds much younger and more modern than its original version. If you are having twins, name one baby Sage and another Salvia.

4. Alberta:

Alberta, the feminine version of the name Albert, meaning ‘bright and intelligent’ is making a comeback, along with Ella and Josephine. In England, the name came into the mainstream via Queen Victoria’s daughter Louise Caroline Alberta.

5. Sonia:

This European import hit the spotlight in the 1940s when it featured in the Norwegian skating movie. Unfortunately, this moniker has sailed back to the Atlantic, despite the rising popularity of Russian names. The meaning of Sonia is ‘wisdom’.

6. Monique:

This French version of the name Monica is gaining widespread favor in the European countries. It has been used by several people, including Monique Jacobson van Vooren, the Belgian-American singer, and actor. It means ‘wise counsel,’

7. Michiko:

Michiko is a familiar Japanese baby name, meaning ‘child of beautiful wisdom.’ It’s the name of the first commoner to become empress of Japan. For the nickname, you can go with Michi or Michee.

8. Saffi:

Saffi is a Greek variation of the name Sophia and means ‘wisdom.’ The name has gained the widespread favor of late, not just in Greece, but English-speaking countries as well. People are mostly attracted to it for its feminine quality and beautiful meaning.

9. Minerva:

Minerva is a Latin name, meaning ‘the mind or intellect.’ In Roman mythology, Minerva was the name of the Roman goddess of wisdom. She is also equivalent to Athena, the Greek god. And it was the name of a character in Dickens’ novel.

10. Pallas:

Pallas is a Greek origin name, meaning ‘wisdom.’ Pallas is another name of Athena, the Goddess of wisdom in the Greek mythology. We believe this name would appeal to literary-minded parents.

11. Sage:

Sage is a Latin name, meaning ‘wise’. It’s also an evocative herb name connoting wisdom. Sage entered the top 100-baby name list in the early 1990s as a baby boy name, but pulled ahead for the girls. The name is also associated with cowboys, and of course, the Wild West.

12. Minda:

The name Minda was originally a short form of the given name Melinda and means ‘love and knowledge’. In the 18th century, it was a fad to use names with ‘inda’ sound, along with Dorinda, Florinda, Belinda and Melinda.

13. Mackenzie:

Mackenzie is an Irish or Gaelic origin name, meaning ‘son of the wise ruler’. The name reserved for boys all this time, but actress Mackenzie Philips brought it to the female territory as well. Now it’s up to you whom you want to give this name.

14. Kayla:

Kayla is an Arabic origin name, meaning ‘wise child’. This name sprang from the classic television series “Days of Our Lives”. It became a superstar or a super name in the 80s, reaching the #12 spot. It has even made appearances in “NCIS” and “Desperate Housewives”.

15. Akilah:

Akilah is an Arabic origin name, meaning ‘logical and intelligent’. It’s a variation of equally rhythmic and exotic name Akili. Akilah Russell, the English journalist and the participant of the television series “Yeardot is a notable bearer of this name’.

16. Athena:

In the Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of war and wisdom and the daughter of Zeus. She is also recognized as the Roman goddess Minerva. The meaning of Athena is ‘wise’ and it would appeal to enlightened parents who prize intellect.

17. Sophia:

Sophia is a Greek name, meaning ‘wisdom’. This moniker held the top position for the years 2011 to 2013. It has been chosen by several celeb parents as well. You can also opt for its French variation, Sophie.

18. Veda:

Veda is a Sanskrit name, meaning ‘knowledge and wisdom’. A name with religious reverberation, Vedas is the most sacred books of the Hindus. This moniker is quite popular in America a well. A famous bearer is Veda Ann Borg, the American actress.

19. Abbey:

Abbey started as a diminutive of Abigail, but what many don’t know is that it’s a standalone name, meaning ‘intelligent and beautiful’. You can even go for its spelling variation Abby.

20. Belle:

Belle, the short form of the name Isabelle, means ‘beautiful’. It may have been overshadowed by Bella, but it still has a Southern charm and would make a lovely pick as a first or middle name.

21. Bertha:

Bertha, meaning ‘intelligent’ was one of the top 100 baby names until the 1930s and the seventh most popular name in 1880. But ever since the German cannon was named “Big Berth”, its popularity has ceased.

22. Sorcha:

Sorcha, meaning ‘intelligent’ is a popular Irish name with a pronunciation far from obvious. It is pronounced as ‘Sor-Ca’ or ‘sur-aka’. It is the name of a major character in the movie “Willow”.

23. Wisdom:

For parents who do not just want to suggest the meaning, but want to come right out and say it, Wisdom would make a good pick. It’s exceedingly rare too.

24. Anne:

There are around 55 documented geniuses bearing this name. One such is Anne Sexton, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Anne Bradstreet, the 17th century British poet.

25. Mary:

Mary takes the top spot at being a genius baby name, with over 140 prominent, intelligent figures bearing this name. Mary Shelly, the polymath is one of the notable bearers of this name.

26. Alvie:

Alvie is an English name, meaning ‘intelligent and elf-friend’. Once considered the short form of Alvina, Alvie is now making a mark for itself. It currently ranks #568.

27. Berit:

Berit is a variation of the Scandinavia name Brighid and means ‘wise’. It is well used in northern Europe, but is unknown in American and Asian countries.

28. Bernadea:

Bernadea, the Swedish version of the name Bernada means ‘intelligent’. The ‘ea’ ending is making this name look edgier than its original form.

29. Chalondra:

Chalondra is an African name, meaning ‘one who is intelligent’. This name is used not just in Africa, but also in American states.

30. Ethelind:

Ethelind is a German name, meaning ‘intelligent’. We think it would sound better as a middle name than the first name. What about you?

31. Farzana:

Farzana is a beautiful Muslim name, meaning ‘intelligent’. Do not use Farzi as a nickname for Farzana. It means fake in Hindi and Arabic.

32. Felisberta:

Felisberta is a German name, meaning ‘intelligent’. This name is old enough to be ripe for reconsideration. It was popular in the 1920s, but has been in limbo since then.

33. Galena:

Galena is a Spanish name, meaning ‘small, intelligent’. Its originally a form of Galen. Besides, this name is also related to a mineral, a type of lead.

34. Huberta:

The meaning of Huberta is ‘brilliant mind’. This name was in the top 20 in Germany in the 1920s and stayed in the top 50 for over a decade. It dropped off the list a few years back.

35. Kyna:

Kyna is a Gaelic name, meaning ‘intelligent’. We think it could be a novel name for your daughter.

36. Labiba:

Labiba is an African name, meaning ‘wise, intelligent’. It’s one of the oldest names on the roster. We believe most you must have heard this name in old movies.

37. Prudence:

Prudence is an English word name, meaning ‘cautious and intelligent’. This name has charm and sensitivity and is slowly returning to favor.

38. Najiba:

Najiba is an Arabic/African name, meaning ‘excellent intelligent’. It may not have registered on the Social Security baby name list, but that doesn’t make it less beautiful. Its alternate spelling variation is Najeeba.

39. Zakiya:

Zakiya is a friendly Arabic name, meaning ‘intelligent’.

40. Bernadette:

Bernadette is a pleasant and strong name, meaning ‘intelligent’. Even though names ending in ‘ette’ have been around for quite some time now, Bernadette does not feel dated.

41. Veta:

If you want an exotic name for your girl, go with Veta, which means ‘intelligent’ in English. It’s used quite frequently in America.

42. Tomoyo:

Tomoyo is a quintessential Japanese teenager name, meaning ‘intelligent’.

Which of these baby names would you pick for your child? Share your choice with us in the comment section below.

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