Alita Battle Angel is good movie!

AGREE Reviews (37000  Votes):

1– If you read this, you should really go see this movie. I know it is something new, but I can tell you, you wont regret it! This movie is amazing and something everyone can enjoy! It deserves to get seen and really deserves a sequel! If you like super hero movies, i think this is even better than most of those ! I never heard of Alita, my expectations where low, what i saw blew me away! So trust me and go there with you friends ! (pls i want a sequel !)

2- This movie is so freaking awesome. Hits the right emotional notes, had a deep story that can be built on, has great score and also a relatable character in Alita. Already one of my best films of the year.

3- Seen it over 10 times already. Fun seeing myself in the movie 7 times. Was a great film to be a part of and cant wait for the 2 other movies in the trilogy.

4- This is the best American live-action adaptation of an anime or manga I have ever seen. Bravo to all involved!


5– This movie is a Masterpiece, the Fight scenes and the motorball tournament is lit!!! They said this is going to flop but this is absolutely the best anime adaptation I’ve ever seen.

6- This movie was actually really good. I know I like a movie when it keep me engaged throughout the entire movie; I didn’t want it to end.

7- Fantastic movie. Will probably watch it a few more times. Worth seeing in higher format. Stop watching trailers and reading reviews – it’ll just ruin the experience.

8- This is hands down the best best made since Avatar honestly what film can touch this? Please don’t make us wait 3-7 years for a second part James.

9- The SJW captain marvel trailer already disappoints. but this movie after watching it just blew me away. so good…strong female lead without being political or bashing anything. true to the manga

10Solid movie. So refreshing to see a movie where the main focus is the storyline and action sequences, rather than trash PC messaging. I can’t reccomend this movie enough, and everyone should go and see it.

11- Guys it was so good honestly. I really wanna see the sequel. The world building was well done, the design and the landscapes were beautiful and the action scenes were so incredible. The plot was easy to follow but had a few good things thrown in. Plot twists, interesting additions. Definitely not boring. Honestly give it a watch it was so good, fully recommend

DISAGREE Reviews (1300 Votes):

1- Why are her eyes so big? “From the producers of Avatar”

2- Question: Why her eyes r bigger than my balls?  Answer: Maybe that’s your problem for having tiny balls 😝





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