What is free will in religion?

The theological doctrine of divine foreknowledge is often alleged to be in conflict with free will, particularly in Calvinistic circles: if God knows exactly what will happen (right down to every choice a person makes), it would seem that the “freedom” of these choices is called into question.

So if destiny is defined  by God before we are born, so then why there is hell? Where is freewill in that? This is a one vicious circle.

Man seeks meaning in life, but ultimately there is none; this is why man idolizes God. However, it does not matter if God exists or not because of free will. Man has, and will always have, free will; in the bible, God gave Adam and Eve free will, knowing that they would take a sinful route. As punishment for their behavior, He threw them out of The Garden Of Eden. They went willingly because they understood that they had to take responsibility for the sin they had committed. This is relevant regardless of if there is a God or not; man must take responsibility for his choices because he alone made that choice. God’s existence, in regard to free will, is irrelevant because of man’s ability to choose for himself; in retrospect, God is only real in theory, and his existence is one man’s word against another’s.

Let’s say God is real, the bible says that God is omniscient, yet he gave man free will. What’s the point? God already knows every choice that man is going to make, there is no free will. He knows how it all plays out; He only made free will as an illusion. Free will is actions and consequences, but if He already knows man’s course of action then it is not necessarily free will. Part of free will is the simple fact of not knowing, and God being all knowing ruins the whole point of man making choices. God knows these actions are going to happen no matter what, however, he still has a set list of rules for man to follow. God knows the path man will take and he allows man to act on his own knowing the mistakes man will make. Maybe this is why God is all forgiving; He knows the mishaps before they even happen.

However, if we say that God is not real, man is all alone in the world. Man is forced to make choices that no one knows the outcome of. Man has to make decisions regardless of circumstance and man must endure the consequences of those decisions. This is why man searches for meaning in religion, he is scared. Scared of the fact, there is no definite way to know if he will be forgiven for the choices made by man alone. God contradicts everything to do with free will, yet man needs him. God existing is the idea that there is only one ultimate consequence, but there are thousands of things man is responsible for. Man, reaching out for a god, is seen as irrational; god is not scientifically possible, they say. The bible was likely written by dying men trying to rationalize a world man had not yet understood and God allowed them redemption. Man tries to put God up for judgement because His “chosen people” suffered through slavery and centuries later mass genocide. His people had to suffer for him to redeem them and they went through these testimonies to make their faith stronger. People claim the only physical proof of God is the bible, but they forget that man gets the spirit and speaks in tongues. Man’s meaning in life is summed up by his faults and highlights, but God is man’s redemption. Free will determines who man is as a person, but even though God’s role in free will is moot, He can tend to affect how people live their lives.

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