Where do olive trees grow best?

Where do olive trees grow best?

Olive trees need a subtropical atmosphere and do best with mellow winters and long, warm, and dry summers. They are touchy to hard solidifying conditions. They will grow in atmosphere zones 10 and 11. A few assortments are strong enough for zone 9 or even 8.

Zone 1
Below -46ºC (below -50ºF)?
Zone 2
-46 to -40ºC (-50 to -40ºF)?
Zone 3
-40 to -34ºC (-40 to -30ºF)?
Zone 4
-34 to -29ºC (-30 to -20ºF)?
Zone 5
-29 to -23ºC (-20 to -10ºF)?
Zone 6
-23 to -18ºC (-10 to 0ºF)?
Zone 7
-18 to -12ºC (0 to 10ºF)?
Zone 8
-12 to -7ºC (10 to 20ºF)?
Zone 9
-7 to -1ºC (20 to 30ºF)?
Zone 10
-1 to 4ºC (30 to 40ºF)?
Zone 11
Above 4ºC (above 40ºF)

Temperatures beneath 22ºF (- 5ºC) will execute little wood and branches. Solidifying conditions enduring days or a hard stop, beneath 15ºF (- 10ºC), will kill or seriously harm an olive tree. It is ideal to abstain from planting olive trees in circumstances where there is a high danger of ice during blossom (late April to mid-May) or where solidifying conditions are likely before reap. Summer precipitation can cause parasitic and bacterial pervasions.


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