Postoperative pain belief of patients WHO do not have surgical pain experience

Postoperative pain belief of patients WHO do not have surgical pain experiencePostoperative Pain Belief of Patients Who Do Not Have Surgical Pain Experience This study is a descriptive and cross-sectional study with the aim of specifying the preoperative and postoperative pain belief of patients who were hospitalized in surgery clinics for various operations.

The data of the study were collected from 377 patients in General Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Orthopedia and Traumatology, Urology Clinics of Ankara City Hospital between February and March 2019. Data Collection Form, Visual Analog Scale, Pain Belief Scale and Mcgill Pain Scale were used for collection of the data. SPSS (IBM SPSS Statistics 24) were used for analysis of the data. Of the patients, 53.1% were male, 81.2% married with a mean age of 50.90±17.13 (years). The postoperative organic blief base dimension scores of the patients were significantly higher than preoperative scores (Z=-5.877; p=0.000). The patients’ preoperative thoughts of that the pain occurs due to physiological, physio-pathological and psychological reasons did not change and did become stronger after the operations. The preoperative VAS scores (5,63±2,96) were significantly higher than preoperative VAS scores (4,52±3,13) (p=0,000). Vas scores of orthopedia clinic patients were higher than other clinics patients. According to MAÖ-KF, 48.8% of patients had severe pain and this pain was throbbing in general (28.3%).

In conclusion, the pain belief differences of patients who did not experience surgical procedure before should be integrated to nursing care applications and new studies should be carried out including all surgical clinics.

Keywords: Pain belief, pain severity, non-pharmalogical methods, nursing

Study made by Ayşegül Erciyas

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